Reflexion 7

  • $1,899.00

The choice for ultimate comfort, this base offers two massage zones with three wave intensities and a full body massage mode–in addition to virtually unlimited ergonomic positions.

Ergonomic positions

The Sealy Reflexion 7 adjustable power base offers the most customizable positioning of any adjustable base on the market today. With extra panels in the deck, this base is able to more comfortably position your body in an unlimited number of ergonomic positions.

Three Pre-programmed memory settings

At the push of a button, you can quickly recline into 1 of the three pre-programmed memory positions including Zero Gravity, Lounge, and Incline modes. All of which are designed to provide maximum comfort for whatever activity you pursue.

  • Zero Gravity Mode - This position raises your head and legs so that your knees are about the same level as your heart. This helps relieve pressure on your joints and spine.
  • Lounge Mode - This position raises your head and lowers your feet making it ideal for reading, watching TV, or working on a laptop.
  • Incline Mode - This position slightly inclines the head position so that you can sleep more comfortably at a slight incline.

Wave Massage

Imagine falling asleep to a gentle vibration massage. This feature breaks the bed up into two zones, the upper body and lower body and provides a localized massage to both. This feature also gives you a couple of different massage types. You can utilize the full body massage mode, or one of the three wave massage intensities.

Wall Hugging Design

The Reflexion 7 adjustable power base is designed to hug your wall as it raises and lowers the headrest. This benefits you in a couple of ways, first, it ensures that your adjustable base will never scratch or damage your wall during use. Second, this ensures that your base stays right next to your nightstand so your book, the remote, or your beverage are always within easy reach. Older generations of adjustable bases would raise you straight up and away from the wall, which made it an awkward reach to your nightstand.

Outlet & USB Ports

The Reflexion 7 adjustable base can be your all in one power solution. With a power outlet and USB port built right in you are able to plug in a lamp, or charge your phone while you sleep by connecting it directly to the adjustable base itself.

Premium Design & Quality Construction

In addition to the extra panels in the adjustable deck, this adjustable base also features high-quality 6.5" furniture grade legs which help to give the Reflexion 7 its high-end look.


Under the bed is an LED light that provides plenty of ambient light to create a relaxing atmosphere, or to find your way around at night without bumping into things and waking your partner.

Wireless Remote

Easily control the functions of the Reflexion 7 adjustable power base with the backlit wireless remote that offers convenient soft-touch function keys for every facet of your remote.

Built to last

Limited Warranty: 1 year parts and labor; 3 years parts only; 20 years prorated frame